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The School Sports network has been set up to support local schools and help to develop opportunities for all young people to experience worthwile, enjoyable and quality PE and School Sports. Building on from the successes of the School Sports Partnership we aim to continue to link together schools so as to enhance and increase opportunities for all. By this collaborative approach more will be made possible as the sum of the whole is greater than the units working apart.


Primary Schools

All partner primary schools have chosen to be part of this network and selected from a range of support packages which the network will deliver, These include staff training opportunities, specialist curriculum suppport, coached out of school hours programmes along with a full calendar of festivals and events.


Higher Education

Gloucestershire College will play a major role in the new Sports Network. They have a designated member of staff who will coordinate the training and deployment of students to support the devlopment of sports opportunities across our local schools


Secondary Schools

A major role of the network will be to work with all secondary teacher release school games coordinators, who have been funded for a day each week, to establish the school's games and support local primary schools.


Further Education

The University of Gloucestershire have made a commitment to support the School Sports Network. They will provide placement Sports Education Degree students for each secondary school to work alongside the school games coordinator. The Events Team will also provide additional expertise and staff to support the extended schools competition which will become a major element to the school games