All Primary Schools are invited to take part in our KS2 Key Steps Gymnastics Competition.

The Teams

This competition is for students in Year 3 and Year 4.
Teams will be made up of 6 gymnasts (teams can be a mix of boys and girls).

All 6 gymnasts will compete, with the top 5 scores counting towards the team score.
Teams need to be made up of children who receive no more than 1 hour of community gymnastics club coaching per week.

This is not a competition for gymnasts who already receive development coaching and perform in a competitive structure outside of school.

NB: The organisers will be reliant upon the professional discretion of schools to ensure this is adhered to.

The Competition Format
Following the National Framework for Gymnastics the Key Stage 2 Competition will follow the Key Step 2 Gymnastics criteria. A floor sequence and vault will be performed. 

Qualification to Level 3
The top 2 teams from each Level 2 competition will qualify for the Level 3 Finals. This will be the district winner and runner up from each.

Each pupil will receive a certificate for taking part
There will be individual and team competition results with medals for the top 3 teams
Officiating:  The event will be officiated by experienced gymnastics judges recruited through the Gloucestershire Schools Gymnastics Association.

Step forwards, bring feet together, forward roll to stand
Step hop, step hop, step forwards into arabesque
Bring feet together, 180° jump
Backward roll to kneel
Front support position, one press-up
Turn through side support into back support
Sit, shoulder stand, roll to stand
Quarter turn and cartwheel

Vault Level 2
Perform 2 vaults. The same vault can be performed twice or one of each:

  1. a) Squat onto vault lengthways, stand up, walk to the end, stretch jump off
  2. b) Squat onto vault lengthways, stand up, walk to the end, tuck jump off

N.B Level 2 vaults may be performed with or without a springboard and may use a vaulting box or trestle table.

There are no extra marks for the use of a springboard. The quality of the vault and the control the gymnast has on the apparatus are the most important factors with regard to judging. It may be better for some gymnasts to perform the vault without the use of a springboard so that better control and tension can be maintained throughout the vault resulting in a higher score than would be achieved performing a vault using the springboard but having less control.

Event Properties

Event Date 17-03-2022 9:30 am
Event End Date 17-03-2022 12:30 pm
St Peters High School
Stroud Road, Tuffley, Gloucester GL4 0DD
St Peters High School